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    Canvas Specialties has been servicing the industrial sector for almost 50 years, from the mom and pop companies to some of the largest companies in the United States, with specialty industrial canvas products.

    Specialty Canvas Products:

    • Safety Nets
    • Fencing
    • Food Rack Covers
    • Counter Weight Bags
    • Strapping and Belts
    • Conveyor Bibs
    • and much, much more!

    We also make many items that may be unique to a particular company that will help increase productivity or maybe help your company meet a safety requirement such as:

    • Hopper Covers
    • Welding Guards
    • Fork Lift Covers
    • Complete Machine Enclosures

    Many local businesses and local companies use our services for canvas repairs such as:

    • Truck Tarps
    • Farm Equipment
    • Swimming Pool Covers
    • Camper & Motor Covers

    Canvas Specialties has the trained personnel and equipment needed to handle materials such as Canvas, Duck and netting.

    Although we may not have mentioned your exact industry or particular needs by name, we may be the perfect fit for your industrial requirements. Contact us with questions about our specialty industrial canvas products and capabilities.